Who I Am

I’m Libby. Wife of one, mother of two, born and raised in America, moved to Germany, living in Luxembourg for ten years. Pretty sure I was German in a former life. I love music, German, creative projects and using my left and right brain at the same time (they both really like attention).

Why I’m Here

A friend once told me, “your face lights up when you talk about death”. I consider that to be a hilariously awkward, yet wonderful, compliment. Losing my dearest friend Matthew when I was 21 was the single most powerful thing that could have possibly happened to me, and it’s had an impact on everything that has happened since – especially motherhood. The grief journey has been excruciatingly painful and traumatic, but also beautiful and profound. I love getting the chance to talk about it and hope others will want to join me.

Also, I like to make things. I’m sick of seeing clichés and insensitive kitsch on sympathy cards. I can’t stand faded roses and teddy bears on sympathy gifts. If you like that sort of thing and find comfort in it, that’s great. If you would like something different, the things I’m making will be featured on this blog and – coming soon! – in my online shop. I’m really passionate about creating meaningful objects that will hopefully bring people comfort and joy.

This is the Part About You

This blog isn’t about me. My dream is to have all kinds of people posting about THEIR stories and their loved ones. I would love to hear your voice and I’m sure a lot of other people would, too. Please contact me if you would like to contribute.

What’s with the Name?

To find out how peace i leave got its name, click here.


Listen. Grief is all over the place. One minute you’re feeling hopeless and devastated, two minutes later you’re feeling giddy. I feel like in order to have an honest conversation about death and grieving, we need to be able to say things that may cross certain social boundaries. (Don’t say dead, say passed. Don’t say this sucks, say during your difficult time.) All of these unspoken rules are what caused me to begin this project in the first place. (That and really tacky sympathy gifts, as mentioned above.) I sincerely apologize if something on the pages here offends you, or is not exactly what you are needing at this particular moment on your journey. Really. I will always try to write things that bring hope and peace rather than discomfort, but I can’t promise I will always get it right. Nor is it possible to be all things to all (grieving) people at all times. So by all means, if a certain post makes you feel yucky, it’s okay. I hope you’ll give me the benefit of the doubt and just try another post.