black butterfly

about the pain

the pain will not go away,
but the pain will change.

it may no longer be the heavy beast
pulling down from within
on your every breath.

it may someday be a butterfly
floating on the periphery
of a day full of sun.

it may be a stone on the sidewalk
helping you move forward with balance
and a confidence in your step.

it may be a familiar friend,
a treasured gift,
a beautiful reminder of the fragility
and the preciousness of your very being.

No, the pain will not go away.

But it will change.

It will change you.

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  • Catherine M. Graham

    What a beautiful poem, Libby. So heartfelt and true. Thank you for the important work you do in acknowledging the death of a loved one. It’s true that I am forever changed by the loss of my dad and brother. The important lessons I learned from both deaths are forever etched in my soul…. a part of who I have become. These lessons have become the most treasured gifts in my life. I am so grateful that you helped me remember that today, my friend. XO

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