rocking chair

Wouldn’t you love to fast forward to the part
Where you’re an old lady
Sitting in her rocking chair,
Staring at the fire
Knowing it is done?

Knowing it turned out okay
That you did your best
That it was alright
That it was all fine in the end?

Not worried about
Feeling your feelings
Enjoying every moment
Saying your affirmations
Being present for it all
Or raising your vibration?

Wouldn’t you love to be at peace
Where waves of sadness won’t sneak up on you
And grab you from behind?

If I could tell you it would all be okay,
would that make any difference?

What about if I held you while you cried,
Stroked your hair,
Let you sleep on my couch
and rest for as long as you wanted?

Would that be better?

I would love to have you stay for awhile.
We can share stories and be friends.
Whatever happens,
there is love here.

Love that will hold you while you cry
Stroke your hair
Let you sleep on its couch
And rest all day.



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